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Start your own promotional products business

Total Independence | Total Freedom
  • No Royalties
  • No Commission splits
  • Keep 100% of Profits

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You want to start a promotional products business
Do you know how?

You have options.

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    Do it yourself

    Low cost
    Complex industry
    Massive barriers to entry
    High failure rate

    Good luck. The promotional products industry has a million moving parts: Suppliers, Products, Vendors, Service Providers, Teachers, Trainers. How do you connect the dots? Who do you know? Who do you trust? The industry also has some peculiar rules, too.

    You cannot become a distributor just because you want to. The promotional products industry utilizes a private distribution system that requires proof that you are already selling promotional products as a distributor in order to become a promotional products distributor. If you can’t provide their proof (multiple invoices in multiple client names, a history of working with suppliers, etc.) you won’t be allowed to be a distributor.
    It’s a true “Catch-22”.

    The DIY cost may be next to nothing, but the chance for true success may be next to nothing, too. Yoda said, “No, Try Not. Do or Do Not, There Is No Try.” DIY is the approach most people take when they are unsure. If you are unsure about starting your business, it’s better not to try. Failure is not fun.

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    Usually, a good support system
    Large franchise fees
    up to 20-30% of your net profit
    Too much to pay?

    Franchise royalties are in the 9% range on your gross sales. In the industry a $1,000 order has a gross profit on average of $400.00 (40%). The 9% royalty ($90.00) on the gross sale is your cost to be a franchisee. Your total net profit then, is, ($400 gross profit less $90 royalty) $310.00.

    Your 9% royalty on the sale ($90) is actually 22.5% of the total gross profit available. That’s over 1/5th of the total profit for that sale. You are paying over 22% of your net profit for the privilege of being a franchisee. Think about that.

    And think about this too. You will pay royalties on all your orders, new or repeat…forever.

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    Dealer/Rep Programs

    Commissions not profits
    50% split with distributor
    No industry membership credentials

    This is the illusion of being in business for yourself. Are you selling promotional products? Sure. Is it YOUR business? No. Want proof? Businesses make profits. Sales People, Reps, and Dealers are paid commissions.

    You are working for your Distributor. Every order you place through them bears their Distributor’s Membership ID credentials…not yours. In fact, you don’t have industry membership credentials.

    You are often told by your distributor that if you quit you can take your customers with you. That’s a half-truth. Yes, you can, but you cannot use their purchase orders as proof to the industry that you are the distributor when you decide you want to be a distributor. This illusion is a dream stealer.

    It costs almost nothing to be a dealer, that’s the hook. You don’t have equity…it’s more like you are renting.

    Let’s talk about true costs. The profits in dealer programs require you to split the profits 50/50 with your distributor. That’s your on-going “true cost” to be a dealer. The same $1,000 order, with a gross profit of $400 (40%), your commission is $200, while your “cost” to your distributor is $200.00. That’s their profit. A dealer program is only one step above a DIY start-up.

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    Hire an Experienced Mentor

    All the profits are yours
    All the customers are yours
    One-time fee for a lifetime commitment to help you succeed
    Connection, Education, Training, Support

    That’s Distributors First (DFI). We help you start a true business, your business, with no strings attached. Meaning no royalties, no profit splitting, ever. Meaning all the profits are yours. All the customers are yours. True equity. True ownership.

    Our mentorship is just like coaches on the sidelines of your business. Here to instruct, teach, support, help, and assist. We provide all the industry credentials and industry tech tools you need to be successful. Membership. Research Tools (software). eCommerce Website. Preferred Buying Groups. All the Industry connections.

    You supply your commitment in both time and money to build a successful business.

    Does it cost something? Sure. We bring a great deal of expertise and insider’s knowledge to your table. We call it C.E.T.S.
    Connection. Education. Training. Support.

    Our DFI enrollment fee is a one-time fee to us. Period. For a lifetime commitment to help you succeed. No Royalties or Profit Splitting. Period.

    Our enrollment fee? Less than $6,000.00. A handful of orders will give you a quick 100% return on your investment.

A New Promotional Products Platform
The out-of-the-box solution to starting your own, fully independent promotional products business.

Our turn-key program will give you everything you need to connect, educate, train and support your new promotional products business.

Isn’t it nice to know that there is someone out there willing to take this journey with you and help you along the way?

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How do we do it?
What's included:

  • Making money selling promotional products.
    All of our credentials & connections are your credentials & connections
  • Making money selling promotional products.
    Industry Membership with no required qualifications
  • Making money selling promotional products.
    Industry Research Tools: Search Engine, Presentation Software, CRM
  • Making money selling promotional products.
    EQP (Preferred Pricing) from 100’s of tier-one suppliers, showcasing tens of thousands of promotional products
  • Making money selling promotional products.
    E-Commerce enabled website (your URL) with hosted email accounts
  • Making money selling promotional products.
    Full Marketing, Business, & Industry Coaching & Support
  • Making money selling promotional products.
    Unlimited Technical Support for your suite of technical tools

Still on the fence?
What would you like to know?

    • TOTAL Independence / TOTAL Freedom
    • NO ROYALTIES on your sales
    • 100% of all generated profits are YOURS
    • You NEVER pay Distributors First again – no royalties – our enrollment is a one-time fee
  • Simple answer. A one-time investment/enrollment, with no profit sharing, ever.

    Our out-of-the-box, independent platform is only $5,995.00.

  • Average size order is $1,000 ($400 profit for you)
    Average annual sales three years in = $400,000+
    $150,000 - $160,000 annual distributor profits

    90% of clients become repeat buyers
    Clients buy on average 2 to 6 times year

    It's a 20-billion-dollar industry

  • Say you sell $100,000 worth of promotional products each year
    Average Profit of 40% = $40,000 gross profit to your business

    If you buy an industry franchise
    you pay them a royalty of 9+% of your gross sales = $9,000+ per year

    If you work as a Dealer for a Distributor,
    you split the profits 50/50 = $20,000 for you / $20,000 for them

    If you choose the DFI “Gateway Program” for Independent Distributors you pay us no royalties or commission splitting – that means when you earn $40,000 in gross profits, the $40,000 are your profits!

  • Pick up the phone and give us a call. Let’s get all your questions answered. We can have your business solidly in place, “shingle hung” on your door in as little as 3 weeks. Your coaching and set-up support will begin immediately. You will be introduced to all of our Industry & Vendor partners…and we all work together as a team to get your business up and running as quickly as we can.

Bottom Line?

You need the Distributors First Connections & Coaching Support Platform to maximize your potential. Distributors First is the shortest distance between where you are now and where you want to be.

We are on the sidelines of your business, helping you achieve your goals.

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